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In this page, you can find the general information on FA, including the overview of FA process, brief introduction on the techniques, tools etc.




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General FA Information

21st Century Failure Analysis Handbook (Outline), SemiTracks Inc.

Arizona State University SIMS Lab, is a great source for practical info on SIMS( Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry )

A preview of the 21st century failure and yield analysis short course. Semi Tracks Inc. An introductiong of the process for analyzing the circuits and the procedures and techniques for performing analysis on complex circuits.

Component Failure Analysis, by Mark Allemang. From empfasis.

Empfasis, is a publication of the American Competitiveness Institute and the EMPF. The EMPF is the U.S. Navy’s National Center of Excellence dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in electronics and increasing domestic productivity in electronics manufacturing.

Failure analysis techniques for integrated circuits(P1-P2). An overview of the techniques used in the analysis for IC circuits. 

Failure Analysis, from CALCE. An detailed and basic introduction of the different steps in the failure analysis, including the analysis methods and the tools which are used.

Failure Analysis, from IBM Microelectronics. It is an technical outline that can be applied to the failure analysis of most microelectronic components (ICs, Hybrids, Discretes, Magnetics). The analysis step, purpose and techniques which are used are given.

Failures in Microelectronics Packaging, by Paul McCarthy. This article introduces briefly the Failures in Microelectronics Packaging.

Failure & Yield Analysis Products, Books, Two books about FA can be bought here, one is “Wafer Failure Analysis”, by David Burgess and Richard Blanchard, Accelerated Analysis, 2002. the other is “Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits”, by Lawrene Wagner, Kluwer, 1999.

Functional Failure Analysis Service, For Flash FPGAs, Actel. FA Overview and Techniques are given.

Microscopy Database, from Petr’s Microscopy Resources.

NPTest, Technology Library, NPTest authors present technical papers at industry conferences and publish articles in the industry press that address relevant issues and emerging technologies. This library puts some of the best at their fingertips. The domain includes: Test Systems, Diagnostic Systems and SABER.

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center Introduction to Microscopy, The comprehensive listing of all the aspects of microscopy and general science education is given here.

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center Anatomy of the Microscope, A listing of the lines on the basic concepts in optical microscopy.

Overview of Quality and Reliability Issues in the National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, by Dino Barpoulis. SEMATECH. This report revisits the challenges, constraints, priorities, and research needs pertaining to quality and reliability issues. An expanded section on test-to-test, diagnostics, and failure analysis( P33-P39 ), an edited version of the product analysis forum roadmap, and an appendix containing a draft report highlighting reliability issues are included.

Review of Quality and Reliability Handbook, Chapter 4 Failure Analysis. In this chapter, principal analytical methods, processing technology and list of FA devices are talked.

Today’s Test Choices: Anticipate, Adapt, Partner, or Perish, Phil Nigh, IBM Microelectronics. The writer gives out his opinion on today’s IC testing.


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