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In this page, you can find information includes different kinds of societies ( manufacturers, vendors, industries, analytical laboratories and research centre in university)  which provide a wide range of FA service.




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 FA Manufacturers and Service Societies List

AMER, Inc, Advanced Materials Engineering Research, Inc. is an independent materials characterization laboratory offering analytical services for the technological community. The services offered are  the following: Decapsulation Nitric Acid / Sulfuric Acid, ESD / Latchup, Focused Ion Beam, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy  and Transmission Electron Microscopy Thin Film Analysis

Accurel Systems International, Accurel Systems is a commercial analytical independent laboratory specializing in advanced Failure Analysis, Microscopy and Focused Ion Beam Circuit Repair Services. The services include :FIB, TEM, SEM and FE-SEM, Failure Analysis, Emission Microscopy, E-Beam Probing, Deprocessing, SAM, Real Time X-Ray, etc.

ALLIANCE SALES (Europe) Ltd, Sales and Support for the Semiconductor Industry. Alliance Sales is the source of manufacturing equipment in the semiconductor industry. They represent a wide spectrum of companies that specialise in a different area of engineering equipment for the semiconductor industry. Their products can be found here. Service is here, and Failure Analysis Service. 

Allied High Tech Products, Inc has been serving the microelectronics industry for over 20 years, providing sample preparation products for microscopic evaluation.

Ascend Instruments was founded in 1999 to develop unique microscopy equipment, accessories and process improvements for the rapidly evolving nanotechnology markets. Ascend’s innovative solutions in sample preparation, represent productivity improvements to advanced commercial and academic research laboratories requiring focused beam systems and electron microscopes.

Barth Electronics, Inc. The Barth Electronics TLP curve tracer test system is an electrical analysis tool designed to clearly pinpoint the onset of ESD failure through accurate and repeatable measurements identifying previously available electrical characteristics. Measuring and displaying the I-V characteristics and damage levels with accurate, consistent and repeatable measurements is a unique method which assists designers in rapid improvement of ESSD immunity levels in which to speed products.

Buehler. Buehler products are used throughout the world by metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments and failure analysis facilities for the analysis of all types of materials including ceramics, composites, semi-conductors, metals, rocks and minerals, and plastics.

BFi OPTiLAS is one of Europe's largest distributors of specialist products and services catering to the electronics and photonics markets. Their sales and marketing coverage across all of Western Europe.

Checkpoint Technologies is a leader in the design and manufacture of precision laser scanning systems for research and industrial applications. Their business and capabilities include: optical probe stations for IC failure analysis and debugging; engineered custom products for oEM's; and other unique technological capabilities. 


Credence Systems Corporation has sold their FA business to DCGSystems (www.dcgsystems.com) and the products are now represented by Sector Technologies in Europe.


CHIPWORKS, Chipworks looks ‘inside technology’ to provide industry professionals with knowledge that enables creation, protection and licensing support of intellectual property in semiconductor and electronics markets. Their services include Circuit analysis, Process analysis, System analysis, etc.

Charles Evans & Associates, a member of the Evans Analytical Group Network of Laboratories, is a commercial analytical service laboratory, recognized as the world leader in providing surface and microanalytical materials characterization. Their Capability / Application Matrix gives out Analytical Techniques, Typical Applications and Industry Served.

Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland, provides advanced structural and chemical analysis services and research collaborations based primarily on a portfolio of microscopy techniques which are critical for materials science and a wide range of surrounding disciplines and applications.


Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc.Zeiss offers leading-edge technology in light and confocal microscopy for all materials applications, including research, metrology, quality assurance and failure analysis.

Carl Zeiss SMT. Carl Zeiss SMT’s Nano Technology Systems Division offers a complete range of leading edge technology ultra high resolution GEMINI FESEMs, multi-purpose and extended pressure SEMs,ebergy filtering TEMs and FIB systems.

Cascade Microtech provides probing solutions for testing and measuring complex semiconductors in wafer form in design and production environments. It sells production probe cards, analytical probes and probe stations. Probe stations align wafers to probe cards or probes to electrically connect test equipment to each chip on a wafer, allowing a variety of electrical measurements to be taken.

Cirgeon Inc is a spin-off and worldwide exclusive licensee of  Potomac Photonics laser tool technologies, including the first-of-its-kind Depack product line for device failure analysis. Cirgeon offers a range of  laser-based tools and contract engineering services for decapsulation, cross-sectioning, package delayering, silicon backside micromilling, edit-repaie and other applications. Cirgeon’s capabilities are particulary powerful for stacked-die and flip-chip backside prep applications, and other areas where thermal- and mechanical-collateral damage from destructive processing or selectivity are concerns.

DCG Systems is the leading provider of diagnostic debug and characterization solutions for the global semiconductor industry. Our technical solutions are designed to meet your future needs now:
*   Non-destructive waveform acquisition and reliable circuit edits are crucial to eliminating extra mask cycles and beating the competition to market. In order to remain competitive, you can’t afford to wait for your analytical equipment to catch up to your technology node.
    * Our leading edge solutions are built using tried and proven technology based upon years of field experience with photon probers, laser probers and focused ion-beam instruments.
    * With a commitment to applying innovative technology in order to lower the cost of analysis, DCG Systems solutions deliver competitive cost and performance advantages to integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), wafer foundries and fabless chip companies worldwide.
    * DCG Systems provides a complete lab solution to meet all of your diagnostic needs. We offer a full range of products to cover the low-end to the high-end.

E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc features a full line of Electron Microscopy Instrumentation. The Automated Sample Prep(ASaP) System (Patent Pending) significantly enhances the image quality and analytical data derived from SEM specimens.

ETS-Lindgren is the world’s largest and most experienced supplier of shielding solutions for electromagnetic and radio frequency interference(EMI/RFI). Their product offering includes a variety of  high performance shielded rooms, doors and shielding accessories for Industrial, Medical, etc.

ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich is a science and technology university with an outstanding research record.  they offer numerous services for internal and external clients.

FA Instruments Inc, is a leading test equipment manufacturer specializing in failure analysis tools and solutions to investigate faults, defects and damage to semiconductors with scientific-grade systems from Photon Emission detection to injection in the visible to IR range. 

HILEVEL Technology Inc, State of the art mixed signal test systems at an affordable cost. ASICs, Mixed Signal, and momory test with bitmapping. Up to 512 pins with a wide assortment of characterization and FA tools.

Hitachi High Technologies America Inc, a global leader in Electron Microscope design and manufacturing, serving the needs of manufacturing companies and operations, provides a wide array of advanced SEM, TEM, Variable Pressure SEM, Field Emission SEM, FIB and CD-SEM metrology tools.

HCM has a high technology equipment allowing any types of microelectronic assemblies as well as qualification and fiabilisation of components. Their services include: Supplying of qualified chips; Wafers and substrates sawing; Microelectronic assemblies: COB, SMD, Hybrid Modules; Packaging in ceramic and organic packages, CSP, MCM; 24 hours lead time for the supplying of prototypes; and Qualification & fiabilisation of components at space and military levels.

Hi-Rel Labs, is an independently owned and operated corporation. The main concentration of activity is in the materials evaluation of the micro-electronic oriented phases of commercial industry, aerospace and defense. They perform root cause failure analysis of electrical and electronic components. From passive components like resistors, inductors and capacitors to transistors, integrated circuits and hybrids. They have supported most major aerospace/miltary contractors as well as commercial computer and electronic manufacturing firms.

Hyphenated-Systems Ilc provides hybrid inspection and metiology systems for the SUB 100mm world; millimetres to nanometers.

IC microanalysis, Professional Semiconductor and Intellectual Property Microanalysis Consulting Services, provides Semiconductor Patent Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Technical Consulting and Intellectual Property Support Services (Email: info@icmicroanalysis.com)

Insight Analytical Lab, Inc. IAL provides failure analysis services for electronic components, including: ICs, semiconductors, discrete components, and PCAs. Besides the usual physical FA services, IAL also offers electrical failure analysis from the electrical characterization of the failed sample to the root cause physical attribute.

Institute of Microelectronics (IME), Singapore. IME does researches, provide services and organise training / Courses. Their strategic focuses are: MEMS, Deep submicron, I.C. design & modelling, System design/SoC, Advanced packaging, Failure analysis & reliability, Foundry for innovative devices.

Keithley Instruments offers a broad line of instrumentation useful for failure analysis, device characterization, reliability testing and production process monitoring, including the award-winning Model 4200-SCS , which has become a popular choice of Failure Analysis engineering for its ease of use, high precision, sub-femtoamp resolution, and ease of reconfiguration and repurposing.

Knights Technology, Inc. is a subsidiary of FEI Company. Merlin’s Framework TM is the recognized industry standard software solution that connects design layout and inspection data to FA equipment, allowing engineers to view layout, netlist and schematic of a design and steer FA equipment to a precise inspection point.

LEASAMETRIC is a fast growing rental company in Europe. It provides website for Sale and Rental of test & measurement equipment and many services for the equipments.

Logitech Product Group manufacturers high precision sawing, lapping and polishing aquipment for research and small scale production systems. Logitech can also supply a full range of polishing consumables.

LTX-Credence: Formed by the 2008 merger of LTX Corporation and Credence Systems Corporation, LTX-Credence is a global provider of focused, cost-optimized ATE solutions designed to enable customers to implement best-in-class test strategies to maximize their profitability. LTX-Credence addresses the broad, divergent test requirements of the wireless, computing, automotive and entertainment market segments, offering a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, the largest installed base in the Asia-Pacific region, and a global network of strategically deployed applications and support resources.

Ma-tek, Materials Analysis Technology Inc. is an independent laboratory with certificate ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 17025. Their services include: Materials Analysis(OM, SEM, FIB, TEM, Laser Cutter), Electrical Failure Analysis(EMMI, Obirch, Latech-up Tester, Curve Tracer, ESD, Non-Socket CDM,etc), Non Destructive Defect Analysis(SAT, X-Ray), Surface Analysis(SIMS), etc.

Micromanipulator Company, Inc. supplies a complete line of products and integrated systems for Failure Analysis including Probe Station, Thermal Chucks, Probe Stations with OEM Optics, RF Probing Equipment and Emissions Microscopy tools. Applications include/ Fault Isolation, Parametric Testing, MEMS testing, RF, High Voltage, Optical component, LED and Flat Panel Probing, Copper reliability testing, etc. 

MOTIC Microscopes is a solution providing manufacturer for light microscopy requirements. Their products range from simple stereo microscopes to zoom stereo microscopes for bonder/inspection applications to their laser-ready probe station microscope, PSM-1000, for the semiconductor industry.

Micro Magnetics is a leader in commercial applications of spintronics, a new technology which combines the fields of magnetism, electronics, and nanotechnology. They provide innovative solutions, products, and services in the areas of semiconductor metrology and magnetic sensing. Circuit Scan 1000 is their main product.

MESATRONIC specializes in the design and manufacturing of probe cards and test interfaces. It brings innovative solutions to meet test interfacing and burn in requirements.

MB Electronique, is a supplier of high technology products and service. It assists and advises companies for definition, purchasing and maintenance of professional solutions. Their domains include: Test&System, Test&Measurements, Components and Service. It provides also FA instrumentations.

MEFAS Inc, is a professional microelectronics testing, analysis, and reliability qualification organization.   With over 35 engineers and technicians in a 15,000 sq. ft. analytical lab, MEFAS provides one stop testing, qualification, and analysis services. They provide device and system level failure analyses, reliability qualification testing and FIB circuit modifications.  Their services include Reliability Qualification Testing, ESD and Latch-up Sensitivity Testing, FIB Circuit Modifications, Device and System Level Failure Analysis.

MuAnalysis, MuAnalysis is a privately held company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. MuAnalysis facilities include individual laboratories devoted to design verification, failure analysis, microsurgery, and reliability testing. It provides professional analytical and laboratory services to the microelectronics, electronics, and photonics industries. MuAnalysis Microelectronics Services Overview. Their FA service include: MuAnalysis Failure Analysis page.

Nano-Or Technologies developes and provides inspection products for the semiconductor manufacturing and MEMS industries. The company’s 3DScope2000 product line is a high-accuracy 3D measurement system, integrated with a white-light microscope and providing a nano-meter accuracy and resolution in the vertical direction.

Neocera is a leading-edge semiconductor and superconductor solutions provider. Neocera Semiconductor’s vision is to be the metrology and failure-analysis vendor that the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers rely on for mission-critical needs. Their tools deliver advanced failure-analysis capabilities to semiconductor debug managers, FA labs, and next-generation process developers. Magma, our magnetic microscope quickly isolates failures in complex devices, resolves defects that other tools cannot, and minimizes time-to-market.

NovaLase provides services for the realization of optic and laser integration systems. It develops laser ablation for micro machining.

National Semiconductor, creates high performance analogic devices and subsystems.  Their products include power management circuits, display drivers, audio and operational amplifiers, communication interface products and data conversion solutions. In their Quality System, Failure Analysis group provides on-going support for quality efforts with state-of-the-art equipment and best-of-class services.

Omniprobe Inc.designs and manufactures innovative FIB and SEM accessories for applications in semiconductor an nano-materials analysis. Its AutoProbe 200™ is the industry leading nanomanipulator for in-situ whole-wafer TEM sample prep and MEMS and nano-materials studies.

Oneida Research Services, Inc (ORS) offers a variety of analytical techniques to maintain and improve the quality of microelectronic components. Services include failure analysis, surface analysis, construction analysis, destructive physical analysis and material characterization. Analytical instrumentation includes IVA/RGA, TGA, FeSEM, SEM/EDS, Auger, Real time X-ray and DSC.

Oxford Instruments is the a of micro-analytical equipment for materials analysis. The INCA platform can provide complete analytical solutions for SEMs, TEMs, FIBs and DRTs. INCA provides the capability to integrate EDS(INCA Energy), WDS(INCA Wave) and EBSD(INCA Crystal) on the same platform.

OptoMetrix, Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis Testing Services. OptoMetrix has joined with MEFAS to offer Failure Analysis testing services utilizing our Laser Signal Injection Microscope.Services offered include: Device preparation, Decapsulation, Backside grinding, Backside polishing, Laser signal injection microscopy using patented XIVA technology, Front and backside probing , Performs all basic laser signal injection techniques, e.g. OBIC, LIVA, TIVA, SEI.

Phase 4 Systems, LLC enables failure analysis though advanced surface preparation equipment for sample preparation. Their chemical and mechanical decapsulation equipment enhance productivity through on-time analysis, and superior reproducible results. Their mechanical decapsulation solution provides thinned, flat, and polished die for backside analysis.

Phoenix | x-ray Systems + Services, Inc. is a manufacturer of microfocus and nanofocus x-ray systems and computed tomography systems. Oneida Research Services, Inc offers a wide range of products designed to meet the specific inspection needs.

Quantum Focus Instruments Corporation, Contract Test Services. They can perform accurate thermal mapping and hot spot detection for client's design verification or reliability analysis.

Royal Microscopical Society (RMS), has a long and distinguished history, yet has always been at the forefront of new ideas and developments in microscopy. The RMS serves the needs of its members in the academic and industrial worlds. It promotes both theory and practical application, shaping the future of microscopy. They propose a wide range of events also.

RAL – Reliability Analysis Laboratory, A website which provides analytical and investigative engineering services focused on improving product reliability and quality.

Sonoscan, Inc is a worldwide leader and innovator in Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology. Sonoscan manufactures and markets acoustic microscope instruments and accessories to non-destructively inspect and analyze products (especially microelectronic devices).

South Bay Technology, Inc. manufactures materials processing equipment for applications in electron microscopy, optical microscopy, metallography, microelectronics and single crystal processing.

Struers Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment and consumables for the metallographic preparation of solid materials. Struers is expert at metallographic process controls in a safe environment by designing quality apparatus and consumables that are complementary to one another and to customer expectations.

SUSS MicroTec is the leading probe system manufacturer in the FA industry. They offer the failure analysis engineer manual and semi-automatic probe systems optimally interfaced with equipment from all leading vendors for a multitude of failure analysis applications including: emission microscopy, laser scanning microscopy, silicon laser microsurgery and non contact submicron probing.

Sagitta, Inc. provides advanced, high-productivity manufacturing equipment solutions to the global fiber optics, semiconductor and diskhead industries. Its product offering include award winning automated polishing systems for failure analysis and process monitoring.The latest introduction, the Centar, is a single platform preparation system for automated polishing, in cross section and parallel modes at wafer, die and package levels.

SECTOR Technologies , headquartered in Grenoble, France, is a provider of Sales and Service support for high technology products. We distribute DCG Systems ( www.dcgsystems.com) products ( FIB, LSM, Emission Microscopy, TRE, Laser Voltage Probing, Timing Measurements) , VarioScale ( www.varioscale.com ) products ( Laser Assisted Chemical Etching tool, Silicon Thickness Measurement tool) , Seiwa Optical (www.seiwaamerica.com ) products ( Lenses, microscope, illumination, optical components).

Semiconductor Equipment Sales Associates,Inc. (SESA) focuses on back-end semiconductor portion of the market. Their productserves the Failure Analysis, Probe Card Cleaning, Carrier Tape Forming and Test Handling systems. Custom fixturing and machine tooling services are also available.

Semitracks, Inc. provides education and training in the semiconductor industry. They provide public course, in-house training, as well as online training in a varity of subjects, including failure analysis, reliability, test technology, design, optoelectronics and MEMs.

Signatone Corp. offers various probing equipment and accessories such as: failure analysis probe stations with manual, joystick or semi-automatic controls. They offer also high powered microscopes, Stereozoom microscopes, YAG Lasers, vibration isolation tables, the entire Picoprobe line of active probes and RF probes, full size probe station dark boxes or local chamber stations.

Sonix Inc is a leader in advanced acoustic solutions for package reliability problems. In failure analysis lab, Sonix SAMs high-resolution images and advanced diagnositic tools are used to test package deigns, evaluate production sampling and diagnose device failure. On the production floor, high speed and unattened inspection requirements are met using Sonix automated scanner acoustic microscope and advanced analysis features.

SEMICAPS Pte Ltd, was founded as the Research & Development arm of SEMICAPS Corporation. Their operations are geared towards a vision to become the scientific equipment manufacturer for failure analysis. They are collaboration with Center for Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis and Reliability (CICFAR) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), which provided the original technology.

SELA, founded in 1992, produces automated sample preparation systems used primarily by semiconductor manufacturers to prepare samples for scanning electron microscopy (SEM),  transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Their technology and products can be found here.

Trion Technology manufactures plasma etch and deposition systems specifically designed for failure analysis labs. Processes for packaged devices, wafer segments and wafers. Modular systems that are designed for optimum reliability and flexibility, addressing a wide variety of applications for materials such as: Silicon, GaAS, InP and InN.

TSL, EDAX Inc./TSL is a leading provider of innovative systems encompassing X-ray microanalysis, electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), TEM electron diffraction, and Micro-EDXRF. EDAX / TSL designs, manufactures, distributes and services quality products for a diverse range of industries including electronics, semiconductor, environmental, metals, and aerospace.

UMC, is a world-leading semiconductor foundry, specializing in the contract manufacturing of customer designed ICs for high performance semiconductor applications.

ULTRA TEC designs, manufactures and provides advanced surface preparation equipment and consumables for both routine and custom applications. They offer solutions for production, development and research environments. Failure analysis includes : Precision sawing, lapping and polishing equipment, backside preparation, chip access, pre-FIB thinning, microcleaving, AR coating, decapsulation, cross-sectioning, backside emission analysis, lapping films, polishing films, consumables, frontside, Selected Area Preparation (SAP), backside milling, selected area polishing, cross-section polishing for sub-micron defect identification, ARC, anti-reflective coating 

UltraTest International Inc. Sales,  UTI is an automated test systems for semiconductor failure analysis, quality assurance/reliability, and product development.This page is the contact information list.

Viscom, Inc. is a worldwide leader in Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-ray Inspection systems and solutions. Viscom inspection systems use high-resolution cameras and x-ray technology fitted with nanofocus x-ray tubes and up to 16 bits digital imaging chains.

XEI Scientific. The Evactron Anti-Contaminator for SEMs and FIBs removes organic contamionation at the molecular level to make the instrument “nano-clean” for improved performance. The Evactron RF Plasma oxygen radical source makes oxygen radicals from air to oxidize off hydrocarbons from the inside of vacuum chambers. This results in no black squares, no scan marks, better contrast, higher resolution, and no carbon deposits.

Xradia Inc offers the highest performance non-destructive 3-D x-ray imaging solutions to IC failure analysis and manufacturing process inspection. Xradia’s non-destructive 3-D imaging solutions allow viewing virtual cross-setions and virtual de-layering to pinpoint hard to find, smaal defects. This process does not physically damage the device and introduce artefacts in sample preparation.

X-Tek Systems provides sub-micron defect detection x-ray systems for the failure analysis laboratory. Software and hardware provide feature measurement and other analytical tools.

Zyvex Corporation is the first molecular nanotechnology company. They provide tools, products and services that enable adaptable, affordable and molecularly precise manufacturing.


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