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Welcome to EUFANET Web site


  What does EUFANET mean?

EUFANET stands for EUropean Failure Analysis NETwork


  What is EUFANET?

EUFANET is a network dedicated to failure analysis of electronic components (VLSI, other ICs, passives like resistors and actives like diodes or transistors, opto) and assembly (back-end, PCB, hybrids and connectors). The aim of this network is to boost technical information exchange for Failure Analysis community at European level.  more info




    COVID 19 has deeply disturbed conferences, workshops and other networking activities.

We hope that COVID19 has spared you and your families. We also hope COVID19 impact on your professional activities has been as limited as possible.




European FA Lab  Yellow Pages 

Eufanet is constructing a European Failure Analysis Laboratory List  which tries to contain all the labs with a list of techniques and capabilities in Europe that are in some way dedicated to failure analyse. The list is thought to be something like extended yellow pages and is open for every Lab somehow (even only slightly) related to failure analysis. It is free of charge and obligations, more information and to how to participate: yellow page





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