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Purpose of the forum

  The Eufanet Email Discussion List is an open forum open to everybody. It is dedicated to communication while web site is dedicated to information.

  If you have an electronic failure analysis question or problem, or just  want to bounce an idea off your Failure Analysis colleagues, this is the  place to make the right connections.

  You can send short messages to the Eufanet Email  Discussion List to ask a technical question or to put information through the list. Your email will be forwarded to every EUFANET member.

  Answering  a question can be public, directly done through the network or private, limited to the lab that put on the question if your answer requires privacy.

  The forum language is English but feel confident, the most important is to be understood, not to write perfect English.

  It is not intended for commercial solicitations but suppliers can advertise on free workshop about FA topics and contribute to technical exchanges by asking and  answering questions.


How to send an email

  As soon as you are EUFANET member, you can send an email to the Eufanet Email Discussion List just  email to

EUFANET offers permanent Free membership: How to subscribe

Eufanet Email Discussion List is virus free (CNES firewall protection)

If you have questions about EUFANET, send a mail to EUFANET board ( or send a fax to 33 561 274 732, subject EUFANET.

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