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Q3 2001 - Questions were sent to Euporean members of EDFAS that allow us to identify the interest of an European network. This interest was confirmed by the answer of questionnaire we widely spread to European failure analysts.


  EUFANET network started in 2001:

Q4 2001 - The first EUFANET workshop took place at Arcachon (France) during ESREF 2001 conference. 45 people attended this meeting that officially trigger the EUFANET network.  


  Email forum:

Q1 2002 - 3 months later, we proposed EUFANET forum dedicated to failure analysis, a mailing list that allows people to send a question, a suggestion, an answer, a piece of information or a piece of advice throughout the EUFANET public channel or through a private channel. Now, we welcomed 120 people directly or indirectly involved in failure analysis


  2nd workshop:

Q4 2002 - This second workshop took place at Rimini (Italy) during ESREF 2002. 20 people attended this meeting focused on a technical topic. we validated the idea of an annual short meeting, during ESREF with some technical topics.


  Web site:

Q4 2003 -we started the web site to give an overview of activities and facilities in Europe, to collect basic information and tips on FA and to help exchange of experiences and joint projects within the European Failure analysis community.



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