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  Tool or technique: Etching Tool: CORIAL 200

  How to contact:Werner Miebach, w-miebach@corial.net, CORIAL web site.

CORIAL S.A.S., 11, chemin du Vieux Chêne

38240 MEYLAN – France

phone +33 4 76 01 10 10

fax +33 4 76 24 53 81


  Download tool or technique description: corial.pdf




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How to contribute

   Tool or technique description:

We encourage every tool supplier involved in FA to submit a short tool or technique description. It will help FA lab to choose the right tool or the rigth technique and it is free of charge. It is very important to focus on no-commercial issues, readers can use web site link or contact to manage this.


  Submit a tool or technique description:

Send and email to the contribution organizer (contribution@eufanet.org) with the following information: tool or technique, contact, related WEB site (if it exists) and a file that containts tool or technique description (doc, ppt, rtf or pdf). This file must be written for technical use (no-commercial). It can contains a short tool or technique description and some pictures. A maximum of one page is allowed and only one file for each technique per supplier.


Tool or technique descriptions

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