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  FA lab: STMicroelectronics Catania

  How to contact: Tim Velthof

NanoPhysics B.V., High Tech Factory SP12, Veldmaat 10

7522 NM Enschede,

The Netherlands

Contact: Tim Velthof, phone +31(0)53 489 1087, fax +31(0)610 416 876

Email :

  WEB site:

  Download trade description: Lab_description NanoPhysics



How to contribute

   FA lab description:

We encourage every lab involved in FA to submit a short "trade" description. For FA lab involved in services, It could help them to present their know-how. EUFANET website give them an opportunity to be known at European level.

For FA lab that are not (or not yet) involved in services, the knowledge of their field of interest can trigger partnership on common advanced topic.

In any case, EUFANET cannot be considered responsible of the content and the use of these trade descriptions.


  Submit a FA lab description:

Send and email to the  contribution organizer (  with the following information: company, contact, related WEB site (if it exists) and a file that containts the trade description of your lab (doc, ppt, rtf or pdf).


FA lab trade descriptions

   List of FA labs: list


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