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Workshop 2001 main topic

 The main topic of this workshop was to trigger the EUFANET network. We focused on an overview of all activities and facilities in Europe: FA related societies, European workgroups, FA strategy in different companies. We presented also the result of a questionnaire that encouraged us to start EUFANET process.

 This workshop was driven by a Panel discussion that represented European failure analysis issues and organizations: Jean Claude Clement (Thales France), Bert Otterloo (Philips Netherlands), Gerald Haller (ST Rousset France), Philippe Sardin (ST Crolles France), Bernd Ebersberger (Infineon Technologies Germany) and Philippe Perdu (CNES France).


Workshop 2001 content

  Full report

  Goal of EUFANET

  First questionnaire results

  EDFAS overview

  VDE-ITG overview

  Philips FA board and EFUG overview

  Product Analysis Forum overview

  Failure Analysis at Infineon Technologies

  Introduction of Company/ Institute and respective FA roadmST Crolles.pdfap at ST Crolles

  Rousset central analysis & characterization lab. roadmaps


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