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Workshop 2002 main topic

  It was held at Rimini in conjunction with ESREF 2002 on October the 7th. 20 people attended this meeting. The main topic of this workshop was "Putting Failure Analysis into practice". The object of this workshop was also to present EUFANET overview and results.

  This workshop was driven by a Panel discussion that represented European failure analysit: Manfred Horst (Philips Semiconductor Hamburg  Germany), Tuula Stenberg (Nokia  Finland), Olivier Crepel (Philips Caen France), Joachim Reiner (EMPA Switzerland), Philippe Perdu (CNES Toulouse France) and Felix Beaudoin (Thales Microelectronics Toulouse France)


Workshop 2002 content

  Full report

  EUFANET status

  Latest status on PHILIPS FA-board

  Board level Failure Analysis

  Magnetic force imaging

  Failure Analysis of ESD damage in the IC core

  Examples for reliability-critical construction weakness in small-power-hybrides and semiconductors

  Defect localization in solar cell devices



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