Workshop 2004




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Workshop 2004 main topic

  The 4th EUFANET WORKSHOP took place at ETH institute in Zurich (Switzerland) on Wednesday, October 6 at 18h10 (till 19h40). The hot topic this year was "Submicron 3D imaging,  What we must see versus what we can see”. The 32 attendees were very active during the debate giving this workshop some interesting outputs


Workshop 2004 content

  Welcome, introduction and EUFANET status update - Philippe Perdu and Christian Boit (EUFANET_Program_2004-final.pdf)

  TEM analysis of gate oxide breakdown damage - Joachim Reiner from EMPA (EUFANET_EMPA.pdf)

  In-situ sample preparation and high-resolution SEM-STEM analysis - Marc-Olivier Casari from FEI (EUFANET_FEI.pdf)

  3D (360degree) failure characterization in semiconductor devices using Hitachi's FIB/STEM system FB-2100/HD-2300 - Dr. Roland Schmidt (Hitachi). Dr Schmidt gives us a Hitachi paper on this (EUFANET_HITACHI.pdf)

  n3-D TEM Tomography - An Evaluation of a Commercially Available System - Thomas Schweinboeck from Infineon(EUFANET_INFINEON.pdf)

  EUFANET workshop report: Debate on 3D imaging by Romain Desplats from CNES (Eufanet Esref2004 summary.pdf)



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