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Workshop 2006 Report

  The 6th EUFANET workshop focused on Failure Analysis of System in Package (SIP). It has been held during the ESREF 2006 conference in Wuppertal, Germany. 49 people attended this exiting workshop where we had great technical exchanges and discussions which followed the presentations:


Welcome and EUFANET status update (download presentation)

Philippe Perdu, CNES and Felix Beaudoin, CREDENCE

System in Package and Failure Analysis Challenges (download abstract, presentation)

Patrick Poirier, LaMIP/PHILIPS

Open Degradation on ITO Lines for an LCD Driver (download abstract, presentation)


Evaluation of risks due to thermal stress before physical failure appearance (download abstract, presentation)

Michael Hertl, INSIDIX

Acoustic microscopy applied for SiP Physical analysis (download abstract, presentation)

Yves Ousten, Bruno Levrier, Jean Augereau, Laurent Bechou, IXL ENSEIRB

Addressing the Challenge of Backside Circuit Edit of Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages (download abstract, presentation)

Ted Lundquist, D. Di Donato, T Malik, CREDENCE

Localization of Electrical Shorts in Dies and Packages using Magnetic Microscopy and Lock-in Thermography (download abstract, presentation)

Andreas Altes, Martin Hechtl, INFINEON

Magnetic Current Imaging to "see through" System in Package Devices (download abstract, presentation)

Lee Knauss, NEOCERA

Closing remarks


We thank all the speakers for contributing to the EUFANET workshop. !



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