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Workshop 2008 Report

  The 8th EUFANET workshop focused on Practical Challenges of Nanoprobing for Transistor Level, Electrical Characterization. It has been held during the ESREF 2008 conference in Maastricht, Neederlands. 30 people attended this exiting workshop where we had great technical exchanges and discussions which followed the presentations:


Welcome and EUFANET status update (download presentation)

Philippe Perdu, CNES

Introduction to FA challenges for future technologies: nanoprobing  key role (download presentation)

Chrirstian Boit, TUB

Reliability improvement of Atomic Force Probing on copper (download presentation)

Philippe Larré ST Microelectronics

Application examples on 65 nm SRAM Transistors and 45 nm technology, sample prep, surface contamination, and probe tip contact resistance challenges (download presentation)

Stephan Kleindiek, Kliendiek nanotechnik

EBIC, EBAC, CV, and other advanced nanoprobing applications

(download presentation)

Taylor Cavanah, Zyvex

Fault site localization technique by imaging with nanoprobes

(download presentation)

Takeshi Nokuo, JEOL Ltd.

Practical challenges of nanoprobing, what can we get

(download presentation)

 Matthew Lefevre, Multiprobe

Nanoprobing at Infineon facilities, some feedbacks

(download presentation)

Andreas Altes (Infineon)

Round table (all participants): facing nanoprobing challenges: end user needs and nanoprobing solutions: moving forward


We thank all the speakers for contributing to the EUFANET workshop. !



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