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2 workshops have been held in 2009:

- Extended workshop (2days) on "Optical localizations techniques", More info

- Short workshop (in conjunction with ESREF) on "How to Analyze 3D packages", More info


Optical Localization Techniques Workshop



This workshop was organized by EUFANET, CCT MCE, the CNES Technical Competence Center on MEMS and Electronic Components (http://cct/cct15/sommaire.htm), TOLSA the Toulouse Open Laboratory for Semiconductor Analysis ( and the TOD (Dynamic Optical Testing) working group of ANADEF, the French Failure Analysis Society ( It was held Monday, January 26, 2009 and Tuesday, January 27, 2009 in Toulouse.

Optical  Localization Techniques Workshop in Toulouse has been a great success with 75 people pre-registered and more than 68 effectively attended despite the global economic downturn (travel restrictions) and Saturday storm in South West of France.

We thank all the speakers for contributing to the EUFANET workshop


  Downloadable presentations:


Call for participation




Session 1: Static Emission microscopy


Static Emission microscopy background

InGaAs versus CCD

SIL for improved sensitivity and spatial resolution

Selecting Centric vs. Aplanatic RSIL

Influence of Temperature Variation on Electrical and Photon Emission AlGaN/GaN High Mobility Electron Transistors Characterization


Session 2: Optical probing techniques: Laser Voltage Probing, Time Resolved Emission & Time Resolved Imaging


Dynamic Emission microscopy background

Functional analysis with dynamic emission microscopy

Laser Timing Probe with Frequency Mapping

LVP Signal – Where to Probe? Modulation Mapping or LVI

Facing the poor optical resolution and the sensor sensitivity limitation challenges for TRE probing

Design visibility enhancement for failure analysis


Session 3: Static laser Stimulation


Nanoscale resolution options for optical localization techniques

Static Laser Stimulation background

3D resolution with MOBIRCH

Application of static laser stimulation to MEMS FA

Case studies using MTLS on FA daily products

Relationship of TLS/SIFT tools


Session 4: Thermography


Application of Thermography: some examples

Application of Lock-in Thermography for Defect Localisation at Opened and Fully Packaged Single- and Multi-chip Devices

Application of transient interferometric mapping (TIM) technique for analysis of ns-time scale thermal and carrier dynamics in ESD protection devices

High Resolution Raman Temperature Measurements


Session 5: Dynamic Laser Stimulation


Dynamic Laser Stimulation Background

Case studies in DLS at NXP Semiconductors

xVM applied to automotive products

Coupling Test and DLS

DLS using on-chip CPU:Harder, better, faster, stronger?

Application of dynamic laser stimulation for qualification purpose

Picosecond laser stimulation: status, applications & challenges


Session 6: Combined techniques


Design analysis in analog signal circuits enhanced by Emission Microscopy and laser based techniques

Failure Diagnosis by Optical Techniques Combined to Layout Localization Software for Wafer Yield Improvement

Multiple FA techniques on advanced technologies

Optical investigation of a resistance-change memory device


Round table


 A cocktail party will was held on Monday evening. This party was sponsored by



We thank our sponsors and invite you to visit sponsors web site (just click on the picture)


How to Analyze 3D packages


"How to Analyze 3D packages" Workshop in Arcachon at ESREF 2009, on October 7, has been a great success with 50 attendees.

We thank all the speakers for contributing to the EUFANET workshop


  Downloadable presentations:


Welcome and EUFANET status update (Philippe Perdu, CNES)

 Introduction to 3D packages FA challenges (Pete Jacob, EMPA)

 High Resolution, 3D short circuits localization by magnetic microscopy (Fulvio Infante, CNES)

 Disconnections analysis with HF Magnetic Microscopy (Martin Hechtl, Infineon)

 Laser Chip Access (Frédéric Beauquis, Digitconcep)

 3D Xray tomography : real cases and examples (Jean-Philippe Roux, Sector Technologies)







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