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16th EUFANET Workshop has been held in conjunction with ESREF 2015 at Toulouse (France) on Wednesday October 7. The topic is "Failure Analysis of Critical Systems".


Systems failure occurs when a system does not meet its requirements. A laser failing to designate its target, an aerial refueling system failing to transfer fuel at the proper flow rate, a blood chemistry analyzer failing to provide accurate test results, a munition that detonates prematurely, and other similar conditions are all systems failures. Systems failure analysis is an investigation to determine the underlying reasons for the nonconformance to system requirements. Critical systems are systems which reliability is mandatory.Transmission control unit or brakes electronics in a car, computers in a satellite, Engine controls in a plane, etc..

System level FA is quite complex as it has to apprehend system environment to understand the root cause of the failure, and usually harsh environment for plane, car, train, rockets, etc..


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