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This year, 17th EUFANET Workshop will be held in conjunction with CAM at ESREF 2016 at Halle (Germany) on Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 09:30 18:10The topic this year is dedicated to automotivre electronics.  CAM / EUFANET- Industry Workshop will focus on the important topic of automotive electronics from the system perspective. Future challenges arising from autonomous driving and the increased market performance of electric cars will be highlighted. Presentations this year include talks from car OEMs and leading component and system suppliers.

This workshop is fully integrated in ESREF programme as follow:

09:30-10:50 ESREF Session 13: EUFANET/CAM-Workshop "Automotive Electronics Systems Reliability"

(Part 1)

14:50-16:30 ESREF Session 16B: EUFANET/CAM-Workshop "Automotive Electronics Systems Reliability"

(Part 2)

16:50-18:30 ESREF Session 18B: EUFANET/CAM-Workshop "Automotive Electronics Systems Reliability"

(Part 3)

For more info, please download the workshop programme








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