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 Yellow pages has to be updated, we need your inputs to correct existing info, add new one and suppress dead links. At this moment, it is just a list but it will move on to database as soon as the number of inputs exceed 100: more info

ERA Technology Ltd, Leatherhead, UK,

Contact: Philip Strudwick, phone +44(0)1372 367224, web site


Hirex Engineering, Ramonville Saint-Agne,France

Contact: David LOHIER, phone +33 (0)5 62 47 56 90


Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany,

Contact: Jerome Touzel, phone +49-89-234-23123, web site


Insidix, Seyssins, France,

Contact: , phone + 33, web site


 Institute for Solid State Electronics, Vienna, Austria

 Contact: Dionyz Pogany, phone +43-1-58801 362 24, web site


IXENTO, Montpellier, France,

Contact: Qing Wang, phone +33 4 67 13 00 90, web site


MASER Engineering, Enschede, Netherlands,

Contact: Kees Revenberg, phone +31 5 34 80 26 80, web site


NanoScope Services Ltd, No 30 Station Road Workshops, Kingswood

Bristol BS15 4PJ, UK

Contact: Alan Miller, phone +44 117 9576225 , web site


Philips Semiconductors AG, Zurich, Switzerland,

Contact: Isak Venter, phone +41 44 465 13 35,


ST Microelectronics, Casablanca, Morocco,

Contact: Latifa Elbatal, phone +212 22936036


ST Microelectronics, Tours, France,

Contact: Jean-Paul Rebrassť, phone +33 2 47 42 42 93


ST Microelectronics, Grenoble, France,

Contact: Pascal Scafidi, phone +33 4 76 58 41 82



Contact: Alain Wislez, phone +33 5 62 88 28 04


Tower Semiconductor, Ramat Gavriel Industrial Center, Israel,

Contact: Gil Garteiz, phone 972-4-650-6231, web site


Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain,

Contact: Xavier Aymerich, phone +34 93 581 1772


Lehrstuhl fŁr Elektronik, Wuppertal, Germany,

Contact: Pr Ludwig Josef Balk, phone +49 (0)2 02 / 439-1572, web site


Oneida Recherche Services - ORS, Sophia Antipolis, France, Paul Roustan, ORS-IVA_General_Presentation.pdf


MEFAS, Inc. Microelectronics Testing, Analysis, and Reliability Qualification Organization. MEFAS - Company profile and services.doc  


 IMS laser lab,Bordeaux,France,, laser_ixl.pdf


TUB Berlin University of Technology,Semiconductor Device & Analysis Center, Berlin, Germany, Christian.Boit@TU-Berlin.DE, TU_Berlin.pdf


LaMIP, Caen, France, philippe descamps,  lamip.pdf


NanoScope Services Ltd, UK,  Alan Miller, NanoScope Services.pdf


NanoPhysics B.V., NL,  Tim Velthof, NanoPhysics.pdf


STM Catania, Italy, Lucia Torrisi, STM-Catania.doc


  Why participate to the ďFa-Lab Yellow PagesĒ? 

 It is free of charge and obligations, and offers for you:

- The possibility for you to attract new customers,

- Enable technical equipment and  know-how exchange,

- Compare your labs to other European Labs,

- Publicity, get known as a failure analyses Lab in Europe,

- Support and strengthen the European Failure Analysis society

- Or just to contribute to the information exchange throughout Europe.


  The only thing you have to do is

- Fill out the lab description sheet(Lab_description.doc) and

- Send it to EUFANET Yellow Page project leader:


  You can also send us a document containing

- A short list of techniques and tools you work with your major focuses in study and

- Main contact.


 If you want to participate send us the necessary documents. Updates will be done  at least monthly.

 If you have any further questions pleas fell free to contact us: EUFANET Yellow  Page project leader


You know or work with any other European FA related Lab?


We also very much welcome the forwarding of this website to other failure analyses Labs in Europe that might be interested.

Receiving any further contact information on other FA Labs, would be great as well. Thanks for your support. EUFANET Yellow Page project leader


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